Carefully chosen are the finest ingredients, such as organic or non chemically processed flours, grains and natural starters that are daily used to make the finest breads like whole wheat, country sourdough, francese, brioche, sesame semolina, paisano and much more.

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Breads Available at Nova* Bakery

Country Sourdough
Country Sourdough bread, sometimes referred to as peasant bread, has an attractive, rustic appearance usually made by dusting flour over a shaped loaf before baking, giving the bread its characteristic two-toned crust.

Whole Wheat Sourdough
Whole Wheat Sourdough bread is recommended by health professionals because of its high nutritional and high fiber content. When making bread with whole-wheat flour, patent flour is added to raise the gluten level.

Traditional french
Traditional French - This is Novaís signature yeast bread and it comes in large variety of shapes and sizes. The crust is thin and straw colored. In general, the deeper the color of a bread's crust, the better the flavor.

Dark Rye Sourdough
The Rye bread is easily distinguished by its dark color, smoother crust, and light weight.

Kalamata Olive Bread
Kalamata Olive bread is a moist and flavorful bread, the olives impart a salty tang. Olive bread goes very well with rustic or simple buffets, salade nicosie, meats and poultry. Available by special order only.

Sesame Semolina Bread
This Italian Sesame-seed bread goes well with all foods, particularly salads.

Pane Belo Bread
This white bread can be served with cold meats, fish, and mild-flavored cheeses.

Paisano Bread
Paisano rustic-style bread is extremely versatile and can be served with practically any food.

Rosemary Olive Oil Bread
This bread is flavored with fresh rosemary. Rosemary bread has a very good shelf life because of the olive oil. This bread goes well with hot or cold charcuterie (delicatessen meats), salads, cold fish dishes and especially well with delicate cheeses.

This rustic style bread is straightforward and simple in appearance but requires experience and care so that the character of the bread is not compromised.

Here's bread that compliments any meal! This very rustic-style bread goes well with anything whether your making sandwiches tonight or your favorite pasta. The possibilities are endless.

Marble Rye Bread
This Nova*s Bakery original makes the most delicious sandwich ever! Once you've had a slice of this delicious bread the only problem will be to decide what goes into the sandwich.

Pumpernickle Bread
Here's the perfect option to your traditional white bread, Pumpernickel. This Nova*s Bakery dark bread offers you a break for the regular routine. Not only is this a great tasting bread that compliments a great variety of dishes but it will also liven up your dinner table.

Ficelle bread has a thin crisp golden crust with a supple airy crumb. This bread can be eaten with all foods and is particularly good for breakfast and snacking.

Raisin Pecan Bread
Here is bread for all those health-nuts. Nova*s Raisin Pecan has no added sugar yet is so good that kids love this as an afternoon snack. Pair it with a nice cut of salmon or as a compliment to your favorite salad. We promise that this bread is a nice little surprise.

Cranberry Pecan Bread
Turkey is no longer just for Thanksgiving and neither is Nova*s Bakery Cranberry Pecan. This is bread that can be enjoyed all year round whether in form of toast or freshly sliced. Nova*s Bakery also offers it to you in the form of toast, which is great for snacking!

Traditionally, special pastries such as brioche are eaten only on special occasions, but today they are quickly becoming staples for both breakfast and snacks. No one knows for sure when brioche was invented but we do know that brioche is the oldest type of bread in which sugar is added to the dough.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread
How Delightful!!! This brioche cinnamon raisin filled bread is a wonderful start to any day. This bread is so good we are almost sure it won't make it home.

If there ever was bread that satisfied both hunger and the eye then it would be Challah. This bread is as good as it looks. With its complicated braiding and glossy finish you might hesitate a bit to slice it because it's just so darn pretty! Go ahead...we have more.

8-Grain Bread
Here is the perfect choice for the health conscious soul! This hearty bread sums up all the prerequisites for a healthy meal. Nova*s 8-grain contains only the finest ingredients guaranteeing a wonderful experience with every bite. Not only healthy but great tasting... what more can you want?

Multi Grain Bread
This healthy substitution for your traditional whole wheat bread is sure to become a favorite in any household. Rich enough so that it can be eaten any time of the day as a snack. Filled with the finest of seeds and a combination of molasses and honey, Nova*s Multigrain will appeal to any palate.

Pan Focaccia
If you want something unique to take to a dinner party then with Nova*s Focaccia you've hit the jackpot! This wonderful Italian loaf is sure to get a lot of compliments at any dinner table. Try toasting it as croutons with a fresh salad or slice it up and place in a basket along with any meal and watch it disappear.

Flat Focaccia
This denser crispier version of our traditional Focaccia is great for any sandwich. Topped with garlic, olive oil, and your favorites, fresh tomatoes, basil, parmesan cheese, olives, red peppers, or sun dried tomatoes, the possibilities are endless. Indulge your taste buds today, they deserve it.

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